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Be Smart, Be Social, Be the Best Seller

Smart Marketing – Social Selling

How you are planning marketing efforts in this age of digitalization and personalization? Do your B2B sales and marketing teams target various age groups and demographics? To tackle the above questions you need to upgrade your marketing style and make it a combo of two S’s, Smart and Social. If you wish to hit the top-line results and drive leads to your sales funnel, you need to learn next-gen marketing solutions. This blog focuses on smart marketing and social selling practices to get people interested in your brand.
The 21st century has come up with ample opportunities as it expanded the marketing and sales domains with the entry of digitalization. Before jumping to tips for smart marketing and social selling, let’s first have a look at some hidden statistics that reveal the importance of these two things.
So what is your call to action? Start working on smart marketing and social selling. But how? Here are the most effective tips for better success:

• Implement SMART Marketing Methodology:

Every B2B company should implement a smart marketing methodology to increase your brand awareness, website traffic, social media followers, and overall digital presence. The traditional meaning of SMART is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely, but in this digital era, it is shifted to strategic, measurable, action-oriented, ROI-driven, and targeted. So, you must learn how to plan and execute these strategies to generate more traffic, more user engagements, more leads, more sales, and more revenue. To achieve your SMART goals, you need to hone your online skills like social media marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, and Google marketing.
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• Don’t Just Put Content – Make it More Useful for Prospects:

Content marketing is the most crucial part of your smart marketing as it is one of the tried and true B2B marketing trends. But your content strategy should be unique and engaging and not like pushy and forceful. It is advised to avoid salesy content always, instead your content should be useful for buyers that inspire them to remain engaged with your brand. Try to put user-generated content (UGC) to let users feel satisfied when they read such content pieces.
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• Personalize your Marketing to Each Platform:

There exist 15+ social media and digital marketing platforms that help you engage with your prospective buyers without leaving a single stone untouched. But one-content or one-marketing style is not fitting for all as every platform has a set of different features and user base to separate them from others. So you need to strategize or personalize your marketing and selling efforts by keeping in mind a fresh plan every time for every platform.
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• Respond Quickly to Build Trust:

Social selling is not only running your ads in front of users and waiting for leads to generate. It is more than that. Developing meaningful relationships is one of the main goals of social selling so that you establish a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable brand. For that reason, your marketing team should be ready to reply quickly to customers’ comments, queries, and feedback. These activities make your brand run by humans and not by machines or AI-enabled.

• Keep Track of Your Marketing and Social Selling Efforts:

No marketing and sales efforts are complete without measurement. How you would figure out what’s working and what isn’t? It is advised to keep track of your marketing social selling efforts through a series of key performance indicators like total engagements, leads-to-conversions, revenue growth, etc. If your marketing and sales efforts are on the right track, think of scaling them to the next stage and if they are out of the track, check for the solutions to get it back on track. This can be achieved only through the regular review of your marketing efforts.


It has been proved that B2B companies that have implemented smart and social marketing initiatives gained surprising success. Gone are the days of marketing anywhere to grab customers, it’s the mobile & computer era in which you need to market your brand where your customers are present. Your B2B Company can grow faster in 2022 if smart marketing and social selling are perfectly applied at the right time.
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