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ABM – A Focused Way to Target Best Fit Accounts

The ultimate goal of every B2B organization is to implement the processes or strategies that offer a significant return on investment (ROI). ROI is directly proportional to the number of customers visiting your business and the volume of those customers getting converted into actual buyers. The first stage of ROI generation begins with planning & implementing effective sales and marketing strategies to attract customers to your B2B brand. Many B2B brands succeed till this first stage but failed to generate the expected ROI as they are not aware or not interested to implement the processes that engage those first-time visitors.
One of the focused marketing approaches to target best-fit accounts and turn them into customers is Account-based Marketing (ABM). It is a proven method of focusing on high-value customers and serving them better to generate higher ROI. This blog focuses on what ABM is, common problems that ABM can solve, and how to implement ABM to produce the best results.

What is Account-based Marketing (ABM)?

Account-based marketing is a marketing approach that focuses on targeted accounts and is jointly implemented by sales and marketing teams. This method is all about:
Classify – classifying the most important accounts from your database
Collect – collecting as much information as possible about those targeted accounts
Apply – applying insights to solve the problems of
Expertise – Utilizing your expertise in the area to craft personalized marketing methods In short, account-based marketing direct sales and marketing reps to engage specific targeted accounts, nurture them for the long-term association, and target key decision makers within those accounts. The main of ABM is to generate new business from specific target accounts or grow business from existing accounts or a combination of both. The flow of the traditional sales funnel is like – creating awareness, consideration, and purchase decision whereas ABM flips this agenda and makes this flow as account selection and nurturing long-term business. So, account-based marketing is not a tactic but a business strategy that incorporates buy-in across B2B businesses.

• How ABM Can Solve Common B2B Business Problems?

Many B2B businesses implement broad or generic marketing approach to generate great ROI. But as compared to the targeted approach, they failed to reach that expected ROI. The following are the common B2B marketing problems that can be solved by a successful ABM initiative:

• Six-steps Plan to Implement and Optimize Account-based Marketing Strategies:

To carefully choose high-value accounts, it is essential to have a successful foundation for your account-based marketing program. If you wish to experience the best results, you have to define the common goals that bind the sales and marketing team to deliver the personalized B2B campaigns. The following is the six-step plan is a proven way to implement and optimize account-based marketing strategies:

• Some Important Statistics about ABM:

Account-based marketing helps B2B businesses to generate ROI-focused lead generation. If you don’t believe it as a proven marketing methodology, check the following statistics:


This is the era of a fast-paced environment where every B2B business expects quick results. If you waste your time and resources on identifying potential customers, you would lose the competition and customers too. Account-based Marketing helps B2B marketers to identify, engage, and nurture the best-fit accounts by utilizing the right amount of resources, time, and budget. It is the best way to focus your marketing efforts on a specific targeted group instead of engaging a wider audience.
DemandCircle assists global B2B companies in implementing ROI-driven account-based marketing strategies for better results. We’re ready to help with best-fit account targeting, lead generation, and lead nurturing to grow your business quickly.

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