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7 Best Ways to Drive New Customers and
Grow Your B2B Business

Strategies and Tips for Generating New B2B Customers

Some B2B brands taste huge success while others stuck to get closer to their minimum targeted goals. Why? Implementation of effective B2B lead generation strategies changes the game of every industry. But do you know, more than 60% of businesses reported that lead generation is their biggest challenge. Many B2B companies struggle to generate new customers and this is where they fail to beat their competitors. Though it is suggested that every B2B business should tailor their lead-gen campaign as per their business needs, there exist some common strategies and tips that work for every industry. Are you looking for the right B2B lead generation strategies for your business to drive more leads, more sales, and more revenue? This blog focuses on the fresh strategies and tips that will help you hit your B2B sales and marketing targets in 2022.

7 Best Ways to Drive New Customers and Grow Your B2B Business

The recent studies conducted by the top B2B marketing companies revealed that the best sources for B2B companies to generate new customers are SEO (15%), email marketing (14%), and social media (13%). The following strategies and tips help B2B marketers and sales reps to boost lead-generations efforts:

• Implement Chatbots for Quick Response:

Only 8% – 10% B2B companies move the leads perfectly to their sales funnel and remaining players wait to get leads on their way. What different things do those companies implement that drive new customers to their B2B business? It is a quick response. Usually, the new customer waits only for 80 to 120 seconds to get a response to their inquiries. In this scenario, AI-powered chatbots are the best way to interact quickly with your leads. Automated chatbots are used as a quick response tool to greet and guide new customers.

• Use Content Optimization to Enhance Content Visibility:

It is observed that any B2B buyer, on average conducts 12 online searches before interacting with any website he/she intends to purchase from. This shows the importance of organic search to generate new B2B customers in 2022. To keep your B2B brand in front of visitors (that are going to be buyers soon), you need to enhance the visibility of your content and website on search engines with the help of content optimization. Some of the best ways to optimize your content are to publish long-form articles, include relevant keywords in URLs, optimize title tags, direct to high authority sites, and implement compelling Meta descriptions.

• Join Social Media Groups to Leverage Social Media Engagements:

No one today can deny the importance and effectiveness of social media platforms to generate new customers. One of the best ways to leverage your social media engagements is to join social media groups that best match your B2B solutions. In these groups, you can showcase your expertise by initiating conversations, engaging in ongoing conversations, responding to questions, and entrusting group members for the content they share. In this way, you can build rapport with people interested in your B2B industry and leverage that connection to drive them towards your solutions.

• Conduct Online Events or Webinars to reach a Larger Audience:

Covid-19 wave showed that you can invite people to your online events or webinars. In this way, you can listen to their problems and educate them about your products/services that will solve those problems. More than 70% of B2B marketers use webinars and online events effectively to generate new customers. This strategy helps you reach a larger audience, find out interesting prospects and get in touch with them through cold calls or emails to drive them towards the sales funnel.

• Ask Customers to Leave their Valuable Review:

Online reviews play a major role to generate B2B leads as more than 90% of buyers rely on reviews and are likely to buy after checking the reviews. It shows that you must ask your buyers to leave their buying experience once they purchase any B2B product or service from you. A review can be in both forms – written and video. In this social era, people are more interested in video testimonials over written reviews.

• Execute Remarketing Campaigns:

Many people visit your website, but somehow they miss hitting the ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Add to Cart’ button. These people are interested in your products or services but need more nurturing to drive them to the sales funnel. You can remind these people about their visits to your website and push them to buy by displaying digital ads frequently. It is known as remarketing or retargeting and is the best way to encourage buyers to visit and buy from your website.

• Start Guest Blogging to Stand Out from the Crowd:

Guest blogging means opening or publishing your views, research studies, industry insights, etc., on well-established websites or blogging platforms that closely match with your B2B domain. This type of blogging is not a salesy or long article, it is an opportunity for you to showcase your expertise and stay on the minds of readers. Once readers find out that your blogs stand out or hit their pain points, they will start reaching out to your B2B brand.


Though many marketers are saying B2B lead generation is challenging and tough, it is not impossible. The right mindset, the right strategies, and the right time execution will change the picture of lead generation for you. Remember, generating new customers for your B2B business is not just a one-time task or overnight magic, your sales and marketing teams need to implement new ways, experiment regularly, and learn daily.
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