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5 Proven Practices for B2B Sales and Marketing

Ideas and Best Practices for B2B Sales and Marketing Success

Are you still applying the traditional sales and marketing formulas to grow your B2B business? You are missing many things! In this digital era, buying behavior of B2B customers has changed drastically. You need to upgrade your B2B sales and marketing strategies to convert more leads into sales and generate great ROI. This blog focuses on the best practices for B2B sales & marketing enablement.

5 Proven Practices for B2B Sales and Marketing:

It is observed that selling with effective marketing to B2B customers is more challenging as today’s buyers conduct their research and decide what to buy without any influence from the vendor. The following are the proven B2B sales and marketing practices that will not only help your firm remain competitive but help you beat the competitors.

• Construct Data-driven Strategies:

Data is like a fuel that drives both sales and marketing engines allowing decision-makers to improve customer experience, control spending, and make faster decisions. Valuable and accurate data helps you save marketing & sales expenses to generate more customers. It is observed that more than 38% of B2B businesses succeeded in overcoming the marketing and sales challenges by building data-driven strategies.
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• Post Quality & Engaging Content:

93% of successful B2B marketers say content is the heart of sales and marketing strategies. Many brands put generic content, but only a few brands make efforts to produce engaging and user-generated content. Today’s buyers get attracted to B2B brands that publish interactive, useful, and educational content that will help them to understand, research, and purchase products/services. So, if you wish your sales team to close more deals, post quality, and engaging content regularly. Plan a sophisticated content strategy to boost engagements, website traffic, and leads.
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• Leverage Your Social Media and Online Presence:

More than 78% of B2B decision makers agree with the fact that social media is an impactful B2B sales and marketing channel. A perfect combination of social media activities and the powerful online presence of your B2B brand drive more traffic to your website. It is not mandatory to always post on social media just to fill your sales funnel; this may create a negative impact at the risk of driving your audience away. If you wish to leverage your social media and online presence, think of 3 V’s – Video, Voice, and Vernacular as they are ruling the current online & social media marketing scenarios.
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• Personalization is the Key to Success:

This is the era of online marketing and every platform is flooded with plenty of sales and marketing content. So how you will stand out from the competition? Personalization is the key to success. 70% of B2B businesses believe that personalization has a strong impact on customer relationships that helped their marketing and sales team to increase lead generation, conversion rate, customer engagement, and improve overall customer experience. So, if you wish to enhance customer loyalty and generate great business results, focus on personalization.

• Integrate Sales and Marketing Efforts:

The main goal of both the sales and marketing teams is to identify and address the pain points of the customers and develop/deliver solutions that address their challenges. To become a successful B2B company, you need to integrate your sales and marketing efforts to educate your customers about your products/services, drive more engagements, generate more leads, and ultimately add satisfactory numbers to company revenue. As you balance both sales and service for greater customer satisfaction, you need to balance sales and marketing efforts too.


Today’s buyers are of a digital-first mindset and they are highly skeptical about sales and marketing messages they encounter. B2B companies that utilized the mix of traditional and digital strategies for sales and marketing are experiencing great success. The proper implementation of the above practices may roll the sales & marketing dice of your B2B brand to drive more ROI for your business.
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